Tour around my local Catholic church

My sister, Ciara, produced this video. I am the guy who genuflected!

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So You Think Catholics Can’t Dance?

Please share this video! Fr. Roderick wants it to go viral!

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Please sign this Petition! Petition to Boston College: Don’t honor pro-abortion politician Enda Kenny

Please sign this Petition now! The goal is to obtain 10,000 signatures.

Petition to Boston College: Don’t honor pro-abortion politician Enda Kenny:

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Let go and don’t give Up! Pray the Rosary!

Today in Ireland, with all the increasing attacks on the family, those who are advocates of true marriage and life can sometimes feel like throwing in the towel.

A few days ago, I was despairing over the upcoming Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill which will legalise abortion on “mental health grounds” and even though the government denies it, this bill will lead to abortion on demand in Ireland.

For all of my efforts and the efforts of my family and friends: praying, attending vigils etc., it just seemed to me like it was all proving to be fruitless and all we were getting was more persecution from secular society and the government for our views on the sanctity of human life and true marriage .

But after a while, through perseverance, the feelings of despair went away. When you take a hit, you fall down. But you don’t lose by going down, you lose by STAYING DOWN. Don’t Give Up!

I can recall a time where I did give up on something. I often wonder how things could have been different, had I not given up. But I now know that God allowed me to make this mistake so that I could learn from it.

If you have regret over a mistake you made in the past, then let it go. Talk to a priest about it in confession, if you need too. Ask the Lord for forgiveness. Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. Like a video tape stuck in rewind, we constantly re-repeat in our minds our past errors. So please forgive yourself and stop beating yourself up.

We also find it hard to let go and forgive. If someone has knocked you down, forgive them and pray for them. Trust me, it will do you the world of good. Nothing good comes out of holding grudges.

If, as a result of persecution, you feel like giving up right now, please don’t! We really need you right now! I know that it is very hard right now, the odds seem to be against us.

But we have heaven on our side! Pray the Rosary! Satan is no match for Our Lady! She crushed the head of the serpent. I firmly believe that if everyone in this country prays the rosary everyday, then we will defeat this evil. Even if abortion, homosexual marriage and other evils are legalised in this country, keep fighting, keep praying. With the rosary as our weapon, Our Lady will lead us to victory, eventually! Our Lady will lead us to Jesus! No matter what happens, no matter how bad it gets, keep believing this!

Remember her words at Fatima “IN THE END, MY IMMACULATE HEART WILL TRIUMPH!.”

Remember it was Our Lady that lead the Holy League to victory over the Muslim forces in the Battle of Lepanto

If you want Ireland to be victorious in the battle for true marriage and human life. Then please, I beg you, pray the Rosary, everyday!

“The Rosary is a powerful weapon to put the demons to flight and to keep oneself from sin…If you desire
peace in your hearts, in your homes, and in your country, assemble each evening to recite the Rosary.  Let
not even one day pass without saying it, no matter how burdened you may be with many cares and labors.”
-Pope Pius XI

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Choose Life National Prayer Vigil for the Right to Life of Mothers and Babies


Don’t forget to attend the prayer vigil tomorrow at Knock Shrine.

The event will begin at 1pm and finish at 4pm and will include Holy Mass at 3pm.

For transport please contact (01) 5053060

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Fine Gael TDs Contact info

From a text message I received earlier:

“Please phone FG TDs TODAY to object to abortion even if you’ve done it before.

Cork North West: Michael Creed (026 41835)
Aine Collins (029 71845)

Cork South West: Jim Daly (023 8058770)
Noel Harrington (027 56222)

Cork North Central: Dara Murphy (021 4559353)

Also please forward msg to others. Doesn’t matter if you’re not in any of these constituencies. Leave message anyway.”

Also, If you would prefer to send an email, here are the email addresses of those FG TDs:

Here is the contact info for FG Tipperary North TD Noel Coonan:

Tel: (0504 32544)

And not forgetting, an Taoiseach, Enda Kenny:

Tel: 01-6194020 Email:

If you are sending an email, include this link:

This is a briefing doc containing expert evidence from the Oireachtas committee on health and children.

If you know the telephone numbers or email addresses of any other Fine Gael TD’s then feel free to post the contact info in the comments below.

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Join the #INHUMAN TweetFest

#INHUMAN TweetFest.

The following instructions are taken from

What: Jam social media with info on Live Action’s latest undercover investigation: INHUMAN
Why: Increase public awareness regarding America’s Late-Term Abortion Industry
When: Wednesday May 1, 8:00am – 8:00pm EST

See below for Instructions…
1. Background
2. Copy & Paste these tweets/status updates
3. BONUS: Change your profile pic
4. But I don’t have Twitter…



Gosnell is not alone. Videos document the blatantly inhuman and barbaric acts of abortionists leaving crying babies to die, or even killing the newborns themselves.
Read More & Watch the Videos:



#Abortion is #INHUMAN // Watch:

Join the #INHUMAN TweetFest this Wednesday: // Expose America’s late-term #abortion industry

#INHUMAN: Undercover in America’s Late-Term #Abortion Industry // watch the videos:

“we’re not gonna show you your #sonogram pictures…” – late-term #abortion counselor // watch the video:

what happens when a baby survives an #abortion? // Watch the #INHUMAN answer:

“I cut the umbilical cord first, wait for baby to expire”- #abortion doc Santangelo // watch the full #INHUMAN vid:

#INHUMAN: late-term infants aborted alive & left to die: older than babies that have survived premature birth //

#INHUMAN: if a baby were born alive during #abortion, “we would not help it” – Dr. Santangelo // Video:

#INHUMAN: Planned Parenthood @PPact supports infanticide for infants born alive during #abortion // Watch video:

#Gosnell is not alone. #INHUMAN: Exposing America’s Late-Term #Abortion Industry //



Use this image for your profile picture on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else online:



That’s not a problem! We would love for you to join in the TweetFest by visiting your local abortion facility and chalking #INHUMAN outside on the sidewalk.

*Take a photo* of your chalking & post it to this event page!”


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